Want to be a part of Knock?



Knock is beautifully renovated space tucked away in an upstairs nook of a very old building. It is full of lovely people making things day and night.

Space includes

24/7 access,
Business Internet with up to 20mb uploads (20/20)
Security doors, alarms and external cameras.
Air conditioning
Dedicated Large Wooden Desk,
Office Chair (AFRIDI rated)
Dedicated Shelf Space,
Lockable draws (not pictured),
Kitchen incl. fridge, freezer & dishwasher.
Bathroom incl. shower.
Outdoor balcony.
Because we have excellent neighbours we are able to provide private high speed internet access at both The House Specialty Coffee and Knox St Bar downstairs.


Prices are $125/week (No GST will be charged) for all members.

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Prices are $125/week  (No GST will be charged) for all members.